This is the BfA PrePatch version of Hero Damage.
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Deadly Poison Bug #DPGate

UPDATE! As of 01/03/2018, the bug has been hotfixed. You can no longer use it.

Following the report made by Kojiyama (a WoW Theorycrafter that plays rogue) after seeing Asians logs about Deadly Poison bug (see: this link), we implemented it in SimulationCraft.

To sim yourself and check the impact of this bug, you can copy and paste this code after your /simc output. E.g. on Raidbots, open “Advanced”, insert your /simc Addon output and then, right after, the following code. It’ll automatically switch your talents to use Nightstalker and make a comparison between using the bug or not.

If you click on “Copy”, the input will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

To sim it yourself, you have to use the ‘nightly’ version of SimulationCraft or Raidbots. Here is two pics showing how big the impact is, see how we went from last to first in 2 weeks thanks to bugs. Do remember that we are still working on this, so we might optimize it furthermore.

Assassination builds with and without the bug

Assassination in stacked chart with and without the bug